Family is very important to us and when you travel with USA-CUBA Tours you become part of our family.

USA-CUBA Tours is a family run business and the members have been traveling and supporting Cuba since 1999. We are a USA tour agency based out of Florida that provides LEGAL travel for Americans (U.S. citizens) to experience Cuba. USA-CUBA Tours only focuses on travel to Cuba and is dedicated to bringing Cuban culture to U.S. citizens and supporting local Cuban businesses and families. Our special tours allow U.S. citizens to legally experience, learn, and enjoy the Caribbean’s largest forbidden island through specific people-2-people exchange programs.

USA-CUBA tours has created some of the most exciting exchange tours since the new relaxed travel restrictions (December 17, 2015), which provide everyone the chance to explore Cuba through LEGAL guided tours (Support of the Cuban People). These tours are designed to bring the traveler up-front and close to the Cuban way of life, culture, dance, music, education, art, and history.

We do Cuba Every Day!